Genie Publishing specializes in short run private publishing of custom books

Book Examples:

1. A Maid of the Foot-Hills
2. Letters From the Front
3. Reminiscing With Recipes
4. Bert's Story
5. Gary's Wish List
6. Ups and Downs Around the Corner
7. Polk Theatre 75th Anniversary
8. War Ignites Love


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Custom Book Sample 1 - A Maid of the Foot-Hills

In the family home attic, our client found the original 1905 volume of this engaging Civil War story. It was falling apart with torn, brittle, insect-marked and stained pages. We worked our Genie Publishing magic and resurrected and reprinted 1000 perfect-bound copies of this historical and romantic novel, adding original artwork to the cover and furnishing ISBN registration and appropriate bar code for ease of major bookstore marketing.

Book Description:  This is a Trade Paperback, of better production quality, larger size, and higher price than a mass-market edition, intended for sale in bookstores.