Genie Publishing specializes in short run private publishing of custom books

Book Examples:

1. A Maid of the Foot-Hills
2. Letters From the Front
3. Reminiscing With Recipes
4. Bert's Story
5. Gary's Wish List
6. Ups and Downs Around the Corner
7. Polk Theatre 75th Anniversary
8. War Ignites Love


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Custom Book Sample 7 - Polk Theatre 75th Anniversary

After much searching, the Polk Theatre Board of Directors agreed that Genie Publishing was the outstanding choice to create an historic volume commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Florida. The date was soon to be celebrated, and the community wanted a classic book that would be a treasure and collector's item for those fortunate 250 patrons that subscribed to this limited-edition publication.

In its finished stage this hardbound coffee-table style book consists of 102 pages and hundreds of photographs beautifully printed in full color.

The photos, both historic and current, include the banners hanging from the marquee in 1928 announcing air-conditioning had just been installed; the personal appearance of Miss America of 1953; an action shot of Elvis Presley performing on stage, and the photo of Elvis's autograph --- now protected by a sheet of Plexiglas --- that adorns the wall in the dressing room. The subscribers received their finished book at a gala event held in the Theatre.