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Book Examples:

1. A Maid of the Foot-Hills
2. Letters From the Front
3. Reminiscing With Recipes
4. Bert's Story
5. Gary's Wish List
6. Ups and Downs Around the Corner
7. Polk Theatre 75th Anniversary
8. War Ignites Love


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Custom Book Sample 8 - War Ignites Love

What was the inspiration for "War Ignites Love", this remarkable story for all ages?

World War II is generally accepted as the largest and deadliest continuous war in human history. This was a war that enveloped our entire nation in years of patriotism and sacrifice; and during those years thousands of stories were written and told. Most are stories of victory. Many are stories of horror. A precious few are stories of love and devotion which, after all, are really the emotions that keep a fighting force fighting.

"War Ignites Love" is one of the "precious" stories. Betty Ross Austin was a pretty 15-year-old riding the school bus to class when she spotted a handsome uniformed soldier in his army vehicle. Just before her bus turns off to the school, she scribbles her name and address and tosses the note out the bus window. 60 years later Betty Bruno, nee Betty Ross Austin, wove World War II history, letter writing, love, marriage and family into a lovely story that teenagers through Grandma and Grandpa will adore.

Book Description:  Soft cover.