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Preserve your life's story for generations to come.

"Thanks again for the charitable manner in which you accepted my writings. Your comments were always helpful - even though you had to repeat them!"
Karl Thiele,
Retired minister

SHOWN BELOW: Turning Memories Into Memoirs® by Dennis Ledoux
Textbook for Lifewriting from Soleil Press | Phone: (207) 353-5454
Also available from Genie Publishing
(863) 701-8445 |
SHOWN BELOW: Cover photo files from Lifewriting Class Anthologies, which are given to students at the end of every Lifewriting class, whether 'Senior Scholars' or 'Turning Memories into Memoirs of Lifewriting', as they refer to it at Floriday Southern University.





"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working"

- Pablo Picasso