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Kay’s Story – One Day At A Time

Mrs. Kay Gettman, 90, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, was at a Methodist women’s luncheon.

When asked, “How’s your book coming, Kay?” she replied, “I’m looking for a publisher.” When another guest told her about Genie Publishing, she was quick to contact Genie with a phone call.

Mrs. Gettman at the unveiling party  

Kay later said: “I needed a publisher with whom I could have a good relationship. I had instant rapport with Gay Finkelman.”

Kay had begun writing her story after taking a lifestory writing class at her local community college several years prior. She mailed three of her chapters, handwritten on notebook paper, along with a number of photographs to Genie Publishing in Lakeland, Florida.

Gay performed the publishing magic and mailed a Sample Workup of those three chapters together with photos. Gettman says, “Genie Publishing was the answer to my prayers!”

A Memorandum of Agreement was signed for publishing 50 copies of her finished book.

Gettman submitted all the handwritten text, together with her many photos. She included notations as to her preference of photo locations. Each manila envelope contained the text and photos for each respective chapter.

The 200-plus handwritten pages were transcribed and edited. The hundreds of color photos and memorabilia, including immigration papers, certificates, professional licenses, passports, etc. were professionally scanned and manipulated for size and best printable quality.

Then the magic of Genie Publishing went to work. Organizational editing, composition, headings, artful text layout — all requirements of an exquisite publication — were maximized. Photographs were placed appropriately within the text.

After this "labor of love" page layout composition was completed, Gettman received the final color proof of her story. The completed 50 volumes followed six weeks later.

Two lovely “Book Unveiling Celebrations” were held in North Carolina. Publisher Gay Finkelman addressed the 90+ guests with a brief history of Kay's story before unveiling the book: "Kay’s Story – One Day At A Time"

Mrs. Gettman wrote,

Dear Gay,

Finding you is, for me, another example of Divine guidance. You are a blessing and treasured friend. I appreciate your expert help in making this family heirloom a reality.

Love, Kay



Book unveiling celebration  

Quote from the preface of
Ups and Downs and Around the Corner
by Carl M. Wheeless, Ph.D.

"We will not have a large obelisk standing over our graves -- in fact, we will not even have graves. This book is our monument with our names written on it, and unlike a granite monument standing stationery in time and place, it can be carried anywhere; and rather than a few letters indicating name, date of birth and date of death, these pages reflect in words and pictures 185 years for the five of us."

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